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The Professional Handicappers Association was founded in 1975 by "Sprint" and Cathy Rogers to give the concerned racing fans of North America an organization in racing that they could rely on.

Since 1975, The Professional Handicappers Association have been helping/teaching racing fans across North America to successfully play the horses. "Sprint" and Cathy have personally taught/lectured to tens of thousands of fans at seminars in major racetracks areas throughout North America. Many that they have taught were qualified to make a living at the track.

The Professional Handicappers Association has handicapped the races for a major racetrack and are the authors/publishers of the greatest teaching manual on thoroughbred horseracing "SELECTING WINNING HORSES THE LAS VEGAS WAY" as well as, the nationally acclaimed "BEST RATINGS" which are daily speed and class ratings for most major and minor tracks in North America.

The horse racing strategists of the Professional Handicappers Association have also developed computer thoroughbred handicapping programs, as well as having produced instructional videos on handicapping the sport.

What Makes the Professional Handicappers Association better than the rest of SO CALLED HANDICAPPERS!!


Let's start off with a complete explanation of why a speed rating must be modified with an Accurate Daily Track Variant.

 Most racing fans are unaware of the fact that the speed of the race track changes on a daily basis. This change comes about because of the superintendent's handling of the soil by either making it firm or deep. As well as the changes that are brought about because of the wind velocity, moisture content, age and sex of the horses, time of year and the quality of horses running on a given day. These combined factors influence the final time of a race. The race either speeds up or slows down because of their existence.

A Daily Variant compensates for a track either having been fast or slow on a given day. A Daily Variant also equalizes the speed of a fast track of one circuit to a slow track of another circuit.

A Daily Variant is nothing more than a numerical rating that is either added to or subtracted from the final time of a race. Through the use of a Daily Variant, we actually penalize a track that is too fast and help one that is too slow.

To completely understand what a Daily Variant is, let's say that I decide to have a race with two of you out there visiting this web page. And let's say that we all have equal abilities and decide to run this race at a beach area. For the sake of a name, Mary will run on the boardwalk, Tom will run on the wet hard packed sand and I will run on the dry deep holding sand.

It was a heck of a race, but the filly won. And Mary you won because you ran on the boardwalk which was the path of the least resistance. Tom you ran second, not too bad of a showing, while yours truly who was running in the path of the greatest resistance (dry deep holding sand) brought up the rear.

The exact same thing happens in horse races every day at every race track in the world. You probably said it to yourself or heard someone say, "They stiffed me, they got me again, it's another fix". How is it possible for a horse that runs in a final time of 109.0 (6 furlongs) to lose to a horse that ran in a time of 110.0. And to add insult to injury, the horse that ran the 109.0 lost to the horse that ran the110.0. And the winning time in today's race was only 111.0.


You see on the day that the horse ran the 109.0 the track was running 5 faster than par. So as explained earlier, when a track is running too fast we penalize it. And in this case, since it was fast by 5, we would hurt the 109.0 by 5 making it 110.0. Looking at the winner, we found that the day he ran the 110.0 the track was slow by 5. And also as stated that when a track is slow we help the final time. And in this case helping the 110.0 by 5 makes it a 109.0.

Now think for a moment, one horse ran on a fast track the other on a slow one. And since a Daily Variant was explained as a rating that is either added to or subtracted from a final time, that's exactly what we did. Now looking at the times which can not be seen by the naked eye, I think you can see why the winner was capable of beating the other. And oh by the way. When they raced together, and the time was 111.0, it was because they ran on a real slow track, possibly like the sand that I ran on at the beach. Remember it was deep and holding. Remember what's good for the goose is good for the gander. All the horses running on a fast track run faster than they run on a slow track.

Please realize that a Daily Variant is made using races that have already been run. We do not make a Daily Variant on the day's races that we are handicapping. A Daily Variant is used to make a modified speed rating which of course, is taken from races from the past. All these speed ratings are then compared when horses are racing against each other to see how they should cope with the accurate modified speed of each other.

To use a speed rating which has not been modified by a Daily Variant is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. A Daily Variant is like a crystal ball. It gives you the opportunity to see things that don't meet the eye. It converts a speed rating to an ABSOLUTE ACCURATE TRUE speed rating.

"BEST RATINGS" of the Professional Handicappers Association are truly the most precise and most rewarding flawless ratings in the world of thoroughbred horse racing. Every "BEST RATINGS" of the Professional Handicappers Association takes into consideration the following handicapping factors on every race and every horse that is analyzed.



We look to the track and distance that each horse ran at. We compare their sex, age, and the time of year that they ran (an example of why we examine the time of year is because a 3 year old racing in January will perform differently than a 3 year old racing in November). We also analyze the true class of each race according to the track and the track conditions that have been written for each race. We also rate the class of each horse coming out of each race according to the performance of each horse in that race. We also rate the final time of each horse turned in by analyzing the distance, the track, and the track surface. The end result when all these factors are combined is the making of the world's greatest Daily Track Variant. This gives us the most accurate, flawless daily track speed on almost every thoroughbred race track surface in North America and when applied to the final times of each race run, gives us the best modified Speed and Class Ratings that take all the guess work out of handicapping. Our "BEST RATINGS" helps you separate the pretenders from the contenders that not one horse player in a thousand is capable of doing. This gives you the power and ability to come up with winning horses at prices that will astound you. You don't have to try to outguess the trainers, the jockeys, the form handicappers or anyone else. Using our "BEST RATINGS" provides you with all the WINNING information for most every horse and most every track in the country.


Our Daily Variants give us accurate speed ratings for all types of New Track Surfaces!


Click here if you would like to watch a very short video excerpt explaining all about a Daily Track Variant.


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